Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Does Laser Hair Removal Work? As the name suggests, laser hair removal employs laser to remove unwanted hairs in the human body. The hair removal process is mostly performed with thin laser light beams traversing through the skin area. It targets the dark pigment (melanin) that is mostly found in the base of such hairs. The laser literary affects the hair follicle, or the root where skin hairs usually grow and destroying it in the process. What is achieved is only a gradual slowdown of hair growth. However, undergoing several laser hair removal processes can successfully suppress hair growth for a long time.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Actually, laser hair removal is quiet common these days, and particularly popular with the much younger generation. This procedure helps you rid those unwanted hairs for a very long time. Other accepted procedures include the traditional shaving and waxing, which proved time and time again that they are the more painful approach. Shaving also risks you with blemishes and irritation over concerned areas of the skin.

Before the procedure can start, serious preparations will have to be made first. Patients need to consult their doctors if the laser hair removal will work for them. Then the treatment area is carefully scrutinized using photographs taken at different angles for proper identification purposes. Patients with obvious tanned skin and those normally exposed to a lot of sunlight will have to wait for the tan in the skin to come off completely. It is also recommended that patients cut hairs manually first. The shorter the hair is the better. Three weeks prior to treatment, they must also refrain from using various hair treatment products such as gels and waxes.

How does this work? First, a laser device is positioned above the patient’s skin. A cooling device functions to suppress the heat created by the procedure and helps keep overall skin health. Patients are made to wear special goggles for protection against the laser light that may probably leak out. As the laser penetrate the skin surface all the way through the tiny sacs or hair follicles, patients usually experience a slight stinging sensation, which is why anesthetics may be applied before the hair removal procedure just to alleviate the skin pain. With the hair follicle targeted, it is only normal for anyone to smell distinct odor coming from it. The same process will have to be repeated throughout the whole treatment area, and this can take from mere minutes to a few hours, depending of course on the size of the treatment area in the patient’s body.

After the treatment, patients are urged to stay away from direct sunlight and direct contact so the process can heal successfully. Nonetheless, patients can go back to their daily routines after the treatment. So, does laser hair removal treatment work? Given the sound procedure conducted by expert technicians, the answer would be a definite yes. The procedure is proven to work effectively, and is far better than other accepted methods of hair removal. It may be expensive, but the result is all worth it.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work

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  1. We know that Intense Pulse Light is a great alternative solution to using a laser. IPL is available as a home solution to reduce hair growth.

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